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We are living in an age of information, but paradoxically information is being lost every day.  The Whitechapel Library in the East End of London closed for the last time in August 2005, to be replaced by an 'Idea Store' at another location.  Perhaps the new 'Idea Store' has more space for computer terminals, but the question has to be asked: how many irreplaceable books were lost during the transfer?

As traditional public libraries throughout Britain are being modernized or replaced by multi-media learning resources centres, thousands of books are being sold or thrown away.  Very often the interior designers contracted by local authorities to lay out these public spaces, are more concerned with the sleekness of the shelving than whether it will accommodate all the books from the old library.  A local authority might boast about its shiny new information centre built for the community, but they won't tell the public how much knowledge has been lost in the process.  As large segments of the original book collections are disposed of, there is no guarantee that all of the lost books will be made available for future generation ever again.

This review website has been made available by Jolyon Gumbrell to talk about interesting books, some of which have been published recently, others will be out of print.  The reviewer has bought some of them from public libraries selling off their old collections, as well as bookshops, charity shops and jumble sales.  He hopes this review will create enough interest so books will always be preserved.

Fine Art Reviewed

In March 2008 Jolyon Gumbrell launched an Art Reviews page, specialising in fine art.

An Archive on Europe

Archive of work by the author on Europe and renewable energy.

An Archive on Europe

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